Lens fails to start on Windows with multiple users / instances


My team share an Azure VM with Windows 10 Enterprise via remote desktop. They try to run multiple instances of Lens installed per user (v2023.8.291046-latest (29/08/2023)). This doesn’t work for everybody and the app just closes after showing the splash screen. There is nothing specific in the logs but if run from the command line, the following error message appears:

cert_verify_proc_builtin.cc(702)] CertVerifyProcBuiltin for failed:
----- Certificate i=0 (O=Lens,CN=Lens Certificate Authority) -----
ERROR: No matching issuer found

Lens only works for one person, the rest of them cannot launch it.

Is there any way to configure Lens, so we can all use it at the same time on one Windows machine?


Hi @marek.krasnowski !

Thanks for your message! :slight_smile:

There is some news on this issue. We have an alpha that we are testing internally with support for --user-data-dir that should unblock Lens on Windows using Terminal Services with multiple users.

Please follow this topic on the subject to hear more about the release of the alpha: Unable to have multiple users in RDS/TS use lens at the same time

Thanks. I’ve seen that thread but wasn’t sure if this is the same case.