Announcing the Grand Opening of the Lens Store - Your New Hub for Cloud Native Solutions!

Dear Lens Community,

We are beyond excited to announce the grand opening of the Lens Store! This milestone signifies not only an evolution in our commitment to you but also marks the inception of your one-stop-shop for all things cloud native.

The Lens Store is much more than a home for our Lens Desktop Personal and Lens Desktop Pro editions as well as recently announced Lens Control Center. It is a versatile marketplace featuring a range of cloud native management solutions, extending beyond our Lens product line. We are collaborating with other industry leaders to bring you a wider spectrum of tools aimed at elevating your cloud native experience.

At launch, you will find innovative products such as k0s,, and lagoon, alongside our Lens offerings. This is just the start, and we’re continually expanding our store portfolio to include more tools, platforms, and services that can accelerate your cloud native journey.

Regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist dabbling in cloud technology, a small business looking to expand your cloud prowess, or a large enterprise seeking robust and scalable solutions, our store has something to cater to your needs.

To celebrate our grand opening, we’re offering a special promotional discount. Use the code ‘GRANDOPEN’ at checkout to enjoy a 20% discount off your first purchase!

Our vision for the Lens Store is to simplify your cloud native journey by providing a diverse range of solutions under one roof. We’re ecstatic about the possibilities the Lens Store holds, and we can’t wait for you to explore our curated selection of cloud native products.

Your feedback and suggestions are what shape us, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts. Let’s chart the course of cloud native technology together!

Happy shopping, and here’s to making cloud navigation easier and more enjoyable!

Community Manager, Team Lens

PS: This limited time discount coupon is applicable for all paid products that are available on the grand opening of the Lens Store. The purchase must be initiated from the Lens Store and completed before end of July 2023.