Any k0d somewhere?

I’m wondering if there’s any k0d implementation somewhere to be able to deploy k0s IN Docker as k3d does for k3s.

any hints anyone?

With a Lens Pro license you get access to Lens Desktop Kube (LDK), which is K0s running locally on docker within a lightweight virtual machine. With the latest version of Lens you also get access to the Docker CLI within the Terminal window when using LDK.

You can create a number of profiles that suit your needs for CPU, RAM, Disk size in addition to the version of Kubernetes you want to use.

Any ways to use LKD to spinup a multinode cluster?

AFAIK I don’t think so

Let me know,

LDK is a local installation of k0s in Docker and is not designed for multi-node clusters. It’s for local development / testing of Kubernetes services which now also supports the docker cli.

You can follow these instructions to deploy k0s into a multi-node Docker deployment.

I know what LKD is and How it works underneath :smirk:
I’m just pointing the way fact that my goal is to have a multinode cluster in docker.
So either in a near future LKD can provide that behaviour either I’ll build a K0D implementation or I’ll switch to k3s which already supports that behaviour by default.

I’d rather avoid the third option if I’m able to

The k0s test suite runs k0s in docker so you could use that, but I must give a few warnings:

1- You MUST NOT use this in a production system, it’s not meant for that and running containers in docker has many problems but for short duration it’s ok.

2- Keep in mind that because it’s a test suite and not a final product we may introduce breaking changes any time.

3- Because we use it for our test suite, we don’t normally run it for long periods of time and it’s likely that you run into problems.

4- Depending on the size of your docker storage and the configuration of the docker engine you’re quite likely to run into disk-pressure problems.

Now that I’m done with the warnings: You can test this by cloning the repo and running a test. The test ap-ha3x33 has 3 workers and 3 control plane nodes so it’s a good example:

K0S_KEEP_AFTER_TESTS=always make check-ap-ha3x3

Also keep in mind that the k0s tests build the k0s binary and don’t use a release by default. You can use a specific release compiled by yourself by checking out the right tag beforehand:


I hope this is useful.

PS: If you want to build a k0d check the whole inttest common library does A LOT of the difficult stuff.