Bare Metal cluster with multiple network interfaces

Hi dear team. I’ve just started my journey in k0s, and I have tiny question about networking.
I have few bare-metal nodes which I want to join to k8s cluster using k0s.
Each of the nodes has two network interfaces

  • One network interface is used to have direct connectivity between those machines and it has 100Gbit dedicated network, but no external access.
  • Second network interface is facing internet, but this one is just 1Gbit

I’m planning to use k0s with cillium.

What do I want to achieve:

  • All in-cluster networking happens through the fast network
  • NodePorts / kube-api endpoint should be present either on both network interfaces, or at least on the external.

My question is: is it configuration of k0s, or it is part of cillium? Is there documentation which explains a bit deeper this matter.

Thanks you very much in advance.