Can not exec to pod when update 2023.9.290703 on MacOS

I’ve just updated Lens Desktop to version 2023.9.290703-latest Extension API: 6.22.5 on Mac OS intel, and then I can not open the terminal on Lens and exec to the pod’s container by clicking the shell button. The first time open the app it throws “If terminal shell is not ready please check your shell init files, if applicable.”. I have checked the terminal setting and set the shell path to /usr/local/bin/zsh or /bin/zsh or /bin/bash, but it still Connecting …

Does anyone have any idea?

You might encounter a 4s timeout for starting the shell. We will increase this to 8s in a later release.

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Thank you! I’ll wait for the next update.

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Is the previous release 2023.8.29 the timeout higher than 4s? I exec to pod in my friend’s lens desktop with the previous version and it takes only ~2 seconds, my Lens in the previous version worked fine as well. Are there any changes?

Is the issue related to need to load bashrc or zshrc · Issue #3320 · lensapp/lens · GitHub ?

I’m still can not exec in the updated version Lens: 2023.10.122002-latest, Extension API: 6.22.5, Electron: 25.8.3, Chrome: 114.0.5735.289, Node: 18.15.0, © 2023 Mirantis, Inc. :frowning:

2023.10.122002-latest contains a minor bug fix, not the increased timeout yet.

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@phorsmalahti Has anyone in charge of testing or fixing this issue yet, through 2 updated versions, my issue is still there :frowning: The issue seems to happen not only to me but the user in this thread Unable to run commands in Lens terminal. Hope I get anyone for support. Thank you in advance!