Can we have favorite in namespaces to group namespaces at the top of the list

We work with a few dozen namespaces across our enterprise. Our team uses two or three. I see that there is a way to select various namespaces with the sliders so we are looking across the two or three namespaces, which is nice.

I am wondering if there is an ability to mark these two or three namespaces so they always show up at the top of the list. That way we can focus on each of the namespaces rather then across all of the selected namespaces and quckly switch between them.

The namespace selector does work this way. If, after your selections, you close and then reopen the namespace dropdown you should see the selected namespaces at the top, followed by the most recently de-selected namespaces, followed by the rest in alphabetical order. This doesn’t exactly persist across reconnections to the cluster, or restarts of Lens however. (The selected namespaces will always be at the top, but the rest will be sorted alphabetically, including the most recently de-selected)