Can you add quick feedback directly in the K8s Lens Desktop UI?

It was hard to find out where to provide product feedback for the K8s Lense Desktop app.

It would be good to make it easy to provide quick feedback directly in the k8s Lens Desktop UI (instead of finding our way here by chance).


There is a lot of feedback to share about the K8s Lens Dekstop UI


  • Showing the context’s default current namespace name in the status bar
  • Showing the total number of running/unhealthy pods in the status bar
  • Allowing to show the logs of pods with one click quickly (this is too many → click on pod name → click on log icon → click on container name) (if I had to implement this, I would implement this on the container icons that show up per pod under the “Containers” column in the Pod view to quickly look at the logs)
  • Allowing to re-order the major groups in the left panel (e.g. swapping “Config” and “Network” so that I see them closer together in the UI
  • Ability to hide sub-sections in the left panel not relevant to me (e.g. “Replica Sets”, “Replication Controllers”, “Priority Classes”, “Runtime Classes”, “Endpoints”, and many more etc.) This would keep the UI concise and let me focus on what I care about

Hi @rohit.mistry

Thanks for your message! I passed it along to the dev team. :slight_smile: