Cannot activate Lens Desktop

  1. I have a free subscription
  2. I open the Lens Desktop app
  3. The app want’s me to activate my subscription by login on my browser (Chrome)
  4. I login successfully and get redirected to the app
  5. The app stays in the “Activating Lens Desktop” view. I receive a toast saying “Login Error, please try again later!”

I tried

  • different subscription
  • login online (which works) first before opening the app
  • reinstalling the app
  • run the app as admin
  • try again later :wink:

What am I doing wrong? Working on Windows 10 Enterprise

Thank you for your time and help!

Hello @sjankowski , thank you for reaching out !

i would just like to ask a few questions concerning this issue:
By free subscription do you mean you are currently using the free trail ? or have we cleared you to qualify for the free version of lens ?