Debian (APT) repository outdated, impossible to update

Hello, again I see the apt repository is outdated

apt info lens
Package: lens
Version: 2023.11.131420-latest
APT-Sources: stable/main amd64 Packages

And for some reason download button for .deb redirects to Install Lens Desktop - Lens Documentation instead of actually download the deb file which in my case makes it impossible to update as the repo itself is outdated (:smiley_cat:

Also please make the .deb file available for download in cases like this

Please advice!

Guys, anyone? I feel left alone with this ):

Hi @decrofn !

Thanks for your message. :slight_smile:
The dev team is working on this issue, thanks to you raising it.

I don’t have a timeline yet for its resolution, but we’ll keep you updated regarding a patch release.

Hey @decrofn,
updated now!
Thank you for your feedback!