Deploying bitnami/wordpress

Anyone have any pointers on the right way to deploy bitnami/wordpress on a k0s cluster

Hi @mwoodpatrick,
K0s deploys a vanilla kubernetes so it’s the same as with any other kubernetes distribution.

Checking the bitnami documentation, I see there is a guide for minikube so it’s pretty much the same with these few differences:

The first 3 steps are installing minikube, so skip them.

Steps 4 and 5 are installing helm, deploying bitnami and redis, you should be able to run this as is. Or if you want to use a GUI you can use you can do it with Lens. The steps are basically the same except you don’t need to install helm.

Step 6 uses the kubernetes dashboard which we don’t have, you can obtain the same information using Lens or if you don’t want a GUI, use the CLI.

Step 7 is uninstalling, you can do it with helm CLI or lens, depending on what you did on steps 4 and 5.

Many thanks for the response its much appreciated.

I do have Helm installed and running on my cluster and did try to install WordPress using:

helm install bitnami/wordpress --generate-name

The install is pending and if I look at the pvc’s I see they are pending:

> kubectl get pvc
> NAME                                  STATUS    VOLUME   CAPACITY   ACCESS MODES   STORAGECLASS   AGE
> data-wordpress-1686763442-mariadb-0   Pending                                                     16h
> wordpress-1686763442                  Pending                                                     16h

Uninstalling that helm release and running:

helm show values bitnami/wordpress|less

I realized that the issue was that Helm did not know what storage class to use for the PVC so after running:

helm install bitnami/wordpress --generate-name --set serviceType=NodePort --set global.storageClass=openebs-hostpath

The chart did deploy and I was able to access the logs for the WordPress pod showing the app was running. The only item still pending:

> kubectl get all -A|grep -i pend
> 	default       service/wordpress-1686823545           LoadBalancer    <pending>     80:31856/TCP,443:31155/TCP   107s

WordPress service. I was able to access the WordPress app using port forward:

kubectl port-forward deployment.apps/wordpress-1686823545 :8080

And was able to login to WordPress and update the plugins.

I need to try and figure out why the service is still pending. If anyone has any pointers on how to do this I would appreciate some pointers

Is there a way to get: WSL-2 system dependencies · Issue #2755 · k0sproject/k0s ( reopened? I’m having problems getting loadbalancers to come out of pending state on wsl-2 and “k0s sysinfo” is reporting erroneous info on WSL-2. I updated this issue with the problems I’m seeing with load balancers on WSL-2