Error while proxying request: getting credentials: exec: executable kubectl not found

It looks like a kubectl update came through today and I am not getting an error connecting to our EKS cluster. It was working splendidly yesterday.

I do not have a proxy configured.
On my Macbook, I have 2 kubectl versions installed for openlens:
~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenLens/binaries/kubectl/1.23.3
~/Library/Application\ Support/OpenLens/binaries/kubectl/1.27.3

I tested both of them from the command line and they are both working.
Some environment versioning details:

OpenLens: 6.5.2-366
Extension API: 6.5.2
Electron: 22.3.3
Chrome: 108.0.5359.215
Node: 16.17.1

Hello jay-erb_resmed,

I let know to our dev team about your issue.

Stand by for further update, please.

Best Regards,
Tikhon Kudinov
Lens Support Engineer
Mirantis, Inc

Hello, what is the error?