Failed to load secrets

I’m new to Lens and have an issue, that I have no clue on how to solve.

When I’m connected to our cluster and navigate to Config → Secrets, I get a “Item list is empty” and a warning saying “Faild to load /api/v1/secrets: secrets is forbidden: User “” cannot list resource “secrets” in API group “” at the cluster scope”

However, “kubectl get secrets” works just fine with the same kubeconfig - even from the Lens Terminal itself. So I do have the correct permissions. Additionally, all my colleagues can access the Secrets in Lens and we all have the same permissions.

Lens: 2023.11.131420-latest
Extension API: 6.22.6
Electron: 25.8.3
Chrome: 114.0.5735.289
Node: 18.15.0

Running with a valid Pro License

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Dear @sorcerer,

Welcome to our community!

As a Lens Pro user, You have access to our dedicated Support Team.

You can contact us through the chat box in the Lens app.
To open it, You just need to click the Support button in the bottom right corner.

If You need further help, please, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank You.

Best regards,

Galina Koleva
Lens Support Team


Hi @gkoleva ,

thank you for that tip, I wasn’t aware of it.
I did submit my issue there (Id #3599), but I haven’t heard anything in two days now…

So, if you can somehow help me here or speed up the process with the dedicated Support Team, that would be great :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hello, @sorcerer ,

Thank You for opening a case with us.
Our Core team is investigating the issue.
I will keep You updated on the progress via the ticket.

Please, stay tuned.

Thank You for patience.

Best regards,

Galina Koleva
Lens Support Team

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The secrets issue should be solved by switching manually to the namespace to which the customer has list permissions in the namespace multi-select dropdown menu.

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