Getting zsh killed inside lens terminal

Inside lens terminal i am getting zsh killed while running command kubectl version or any command related kubernetes . i have updated version also . i have tried all these things reinstall also but getting same . to run kubctl command

Can you run other commands in the Lens terminal? Can you run which kubectl and then try to run that kubectl from a system terminal?

deepakjaiswal@admins-MacBook-Pro-6 ~ % which kubectl
/Users/deepakjaiswal/Library/Application Support/Lens/binaries/kubectl/1.24.15/kubectl
deepakjaiswal@admins-MacBook-Pro-6 ~ % kubectl version
zsh: killed kubectl version

Does kubectl work without error outside of Lens (in a system terminal?)

yes in outside in terminal its working fine . only its not working inside lens

Just to be clear, outside of Lens running /Users/deepakjaiswal/Library/Application Support/Lens/binaries/kubectl/1.24.15/kubectl works fine? If not try deleting the folder /Users/deepakjaiswal/Library/Application Support/Lens/binaries/kubectl/1.24.15 and try in Lens again (restart Lens first)

Otherwise, does this happen for all clusters?
You say zsh is killed but from your output it appears zsh killed kubectl. Is the Lens zsh terminal no longer accepting commands after this?