Improving Highlight Color for Options in Light Mode

Why is the highlight color for options white in light mode? Maybe it should be black?

Don’t you think this is an issue?

Hi @lmovse

Thanks for your message!

Of course, we’re taking your feedback seriously, and I can see why it’s a real problem in terms of accessibility. :slight_smile:

Our dev team is already looking into it, but I’ll poke them again!

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Hi, thanks for your post. This is already fixed in the upcoming Lens 2024 release.


Thanks Panu!

@lmovse You don’t need to install anything to access Lens 2024 Early Access, since you’re already using Lens!
Here’s how to switch to the Early Access version. :slight_smile:

Lens 2024 Early Access Version

As we gear up for the general release of Lens 2024, we’re excited to offer our community an exclusive opportunity to explore the future of Kubernetes development today. The Early Access version of Lens 2024 is now available to all users eager to dive into the new features and enhancements. Your feedback is invaluable to us, helping ensure the final version is polished, intuitive, and bug-free.

Getting started with the Early Access version of Lens 2024 is straightforward:

  • Download and Install Lens: Begin by downloading and installing the latest version of Lens Desktop if you haven’t already.
  • Switch to Beta Update Channel: Launch Lens, navigate to “Preferences” > “App”, and change the Update Channel to “Beta”. This allows you to receive early versions of Lens updates. You can always switch back to “Stable” to go back to your previous version.
  • Update to Lens 2024: Keep an eye out for an auto-update notification. Once it appears, it signifies that the Early Access version is ready for you. Click “Update” when prompted and start exploring the new and improved Lens experience.


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many tks! I will give it a try.

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I have been using the EAP version, but to be honest, I prefer the old one. I have found some issues with the EAP version:

  1. It cannot automatically reconnect to the cluster.
  2. It is more complex to use than the stable version, as the layering for the cluster is too deep.
  3. Once you manually disconnect a cluster, you cannot reconnect to it. Double-clicking the cluster name or clicking the dropdown icon has no effect.

By the way, I only used the EAP version for 30 minutes… and now, I’ve rolled back to the stable version.

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Hi @lmovse,

Thanks for your feedback, I passed it along to the devs!

And thanks for testing the beta! :slight_smile: