Is Autopilot considered "GA"?

We’re starting to design around the use of Autopilot and it doesn’t seem like it has the level of usage behind it that k0sctl has thus far. I just wanted to check what the current status/intention is for Autopilot?

  • If a major bug were found in it’s implementation would it get back ported to previously releases?
  • Do you currently expect it to remain an integral part of the project or is it an experiment at this stage?
  • Is there anything that k0sctl does feature wise that you don’t expect Autopilot to cover eventually?
  • Do you expect k0sctl and Autopilot to both be options or would you expect either one to eventually replace the other?


Yes, with the same approach as with any other backports targeting only the currently active maintenance branches.

We definitely expect to remain as integral part of k0s itself.

Not really.

Both will remain as options. After all they provide quite different “strategy” for the cluster mgmt

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