Is there a way to increase the max pod limits from the default 110?

I didn’t see any options in the config to increase the limits.

You can set Kubelet’s maxPods config flag in the k0s configuration via worker
. They accept a partial KubeletConfiguration. Below is an example:

kind: ClusterConfig
  name: k0s
    # This is the default that's applied to k0s workers
    # that don't specify any worker profile.
    - name: default
        maxPods: 125
    # This is the "more-pods" profile that can be selected when
    # starting k0s workers with the --profile more-pods flag.
    - name: more-pods
        maxPods: 200

Note: While it’s possible to increase the number of pods per node, you should
keep some things in mind. Just because you might be able to schedulde more pods
on a node in terms of CPU and memory, there might be other bottlenecks, too:

  • Check the maximum number of pod IPs allocatable per node
  • Keep an eye on the node’s resource usage. Things like CPU, memory, disk, and
    network can become overloaded. The Kubelet, CRI (containerd), and CNI
    (Kube-Router or Calico) will also have a higher workload.