K0s kubernetes cluster-api

hey there,

any projects about leveraging the Cluster Api to deploy hundreds or thousands cluster at once ?

for now it’s plane vanilla k8s but i’ve been wondering how to leverage cluster Api to deploy hundreds of k0s clusters

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Not that I know of at least.

I think the challenge for k0s team is that the Cluster API implementations can get very provider (cloud etc.) specific which we do not really have resources for. Or at least that was my impression the last time I had a look at Cluster API things, it was quite a while ago TBH. :slight_smile:

What is the use case you have in mind? Just spin up many clusters on some cloud provider?

basically spinning hundreds / thousands of clusters at once based on k0s.
more or less like what the RKEv2 cluster-api provider is doing: GitHub - rancher-sandbox/cluster-api-provider-rke2: RKE2 bootstrap and control-plane Cluster API providers.