Kubectl is killed in lens desktop terminal, cannot exec to pods

I have a problem after updating the lens desktop to version 2023.5.310801-latest a day before, the problem is I cannot exec to any pod using the shell feature. After that, I tried to use kubectl commands in lens terminal, but all of them are killed after I press enter. Note that, I can use kubectl commands in my macOS terminal, but they aren’t work in lens app terminal. Can anyone give me a hint, thank you!


Hey there,

I would like to confirm just a few things while we are looking into this on our side.

  • Are you able to still connect to you pods from kubectl running outside of lens
  • Where are the pods running ( docker, minikube, AWS, GCP, EKS, … )
  • What version of kubernetes are you connecting to?

The Lens Core Team

Thank you for your response!

  • Yeah, I can use kubectl to connect my pods, and other kubectl commands.

  • My pods running in EKS and use k8s version 1.24

I also try to restart lens, and my macOS as well, but nothing changed. And the problem seem like occurred after I update lens. I’m not sure what caused the issue, do you have any idea, or should I try to reinstall lens ?

Does kubectl works outside of the shell process but in Lens terminal?

yes, it works in macOS terminal, but not in Lens terminal.

I get this log form macOS system log:
ASP: Security policy would not allow process: 13457, /Users/tristan/Library/Application Support/Lens/binaries/kubectl/1.24.14/kubectl

It works after I change path to kubectl binary to mine, not Lens binary.


Thanks for letting us know!

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