Lens 2023.11.81519-latest - Patch release

We are happy to announce a patch release for Lens Desktop. This update includes the bug fix below.

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption we’ll start by rolling out the update to a small portion of our users, then incrementally increasing this number until all users have access to the update. If you have not received the update and wish to you can download this release manually at our website .

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Lens being used by multiple Windows users.
  • Fixed --user-data-dir on Windows Remote Desktop.
  • Improved Lens ID activation.
  • Moved Lens ID menu to the Top Bar.
  • Lens Desktop Kube activates faster.
  • Fixed cluster name when deleting a Pod in a Teamwork cluster.
  • Fixed Lens AppIq installation on Lens Desktop Kube.