Lens: 2023.4.60821-latest - Patch Release

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed app crash when quitting.
  • Disabled connections to Lens Cloud on Airgapped mode.
  • Fixed resolveSystemProxyFromElectron causing a crash when quitting Lens.
  • Fixed resolve system proxy error when no windows available.
  • Fixed behaviour of auto generated CRD KubeApis and KubeObjectStores.
  • A BrowserWindow for system proxy resolver is created only when the app is ready.
  • All extensions stop before quitting the app.
  • Lens Proxy closes when quitting the backend.
  • Fixed crashes due to non base64 encoded secrets.
  • Added temporal dependency to initializeExtensions.
  • Kludge fixed for application crash when quitting Lens.
  • Restored disk metrics to PersistentVolumeClaim details page.
  • File system watchers stop when quitting the app to prevent exit code !== 0.
  • Fixed loading system CAs on non-linux platforms.
  • Fixed image name handling for “alpine”.
  • Invalid grant error is handled before starting token refresher.
  • Fixed offline icon position on Lens ID menu.
  • Added ‘No Answer’ to the end of trial modal. Made some inputs mandatory.