Lens 2023.8.291046-latest : weird tab behavior with shell on pod

Hello Lens Desktop developers.

With the latest and supposedly greatest version of Lens Desktop I’m experiencing quite strange behaviour with the “shell to pod” tab.


I have selected Workloads/Pods and a specific namespace. No tabs are open - I only see the ‘+’ button on the tab bar, which is minimized to the bottom of the screen. The “Fit to window” and “Minimize” button icons are shown

How to reproduce:

When I open a shell to a pod, a “Pod: ” tab is added to the tab bar, just as expected. Except it is minimized.


I cannot drag the tab up to open it.

Clicking the “Minimize” button, nothing happens, besides the button changing to the “Open” icon. Clicking it again changes the button back to the Minimize icon.

Clicking “Fit to window”, the shell tab is maximized, but has no content. The button changed to the “Exit full screen mode” icon. Clicking it again, the tab goes back to be minimized, and the button icon changes back.

Sometimes, when the “Fit to window” and “Minimize” icons are shown, I get lucky (it usually takes multiple clicks on both icons in no particular order to get there) and can drag the tab upwards to display the tab content. Which is absolutely nothing - it’s just completely blank.

Opening a terminal session, then selecting the pod shell tab, I now see kubectl being executed and shortly after I get a prompt.

If I select the “Terminal” tab, then select the “Pod” tab again, the prompt is gone for good, but I still see the kubectl command that was ececuted. The only way (that I have found) to get a prompt, is to start over with a new shell tab, and repeat as described above.

I have tried with a fresh install of the Lens Desktop version instead of the upgrade I did from a version I do not recall the number of - the issue persists.

I have grown quite fond of Lens Desktop and the smoothness of things, but this is really annoying, and I hope it will get fixed soon.

I’m on a Windows Server 2019 DataCenter OS.

Thanks for a usually great tool.

Hello Jacob,
we greatly appreciate your opinion on our work and always look forward to feedback. Thank you for that! The issue you’ve described is already known to us, and a fix is already in place. We kindly ask you to wait for our next stable release. Best regards.

Thanks, Clemens.

If only there was an easy way to downgrade the version :thinking:

As things are today, the only downgrade option is to install whatever version has been downloaded by the user back in time.
In my case that’s some old no longer maintained version from 2022, because I have used the update feature in the software ever since, and hence it has not been needed to download any of the versions in between then and now from your website.

Or I could compile from source - but that’s kind of uphill, when you have never done that before. End users like myself should not be forced into that situation!

Why are you not proving download of the most recent n versions?

Or maybe the software could provide an option to put the setup file on disk when doing the update?
This way, it would be a lot easier to downgrade to a version that is working but not old-as-a-toad :wink:


Hey Jacob,
The next release is scheduled for early/mid next week, so the issue should be resolved by then. I completely understand your thought process, especially the suggestion regarding ‘the software could provide an option to put the file on disk when doing the update,’ which I find equally sensible. I will bring your suggestion up in our next team lead meeting. Once again, thank you very much for your suggestions.