Lens 2024.1.170738-latest - Patch Release

We are happy to announce a patch release for Lens Desktop. This update includes the bug fix below.

To ensure a smooth transition and minimize disruption we’ll start by rolling out the update to a small portion of our users, then incrementally increasing this number until all users have access to the update. If you have not received the update and wish to you can download this release manually at our website .

Bug fixes

  • Improved handling of encrypted storage errors
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I couldnt to connect to any pod after last upgrade. I just see: “Connecting …” in a terminal

And view such information message at the top of window:
If terminal shell is not ready please check your shell init files, if applicable.

OS: win 10 Pro 64x

Can’t open Lens in Macos Sonoma 14.2.1 using latest available patch for Apple silicon, follow the “Problem Report for Lens”: -------------------------------------Translated Report (Full Report Below)-- - Pastebin.com

Hi @alexey.matveev and @eliasbosco

I passed along your messages to the dev team. They are looking into the issues you’re facing.

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Can you update and try the latest version?

Great, it’s now working, tks!

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Thank you so much for fixing gray color of pod statuses :slight_smile:

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