Lens displaying incorrect resource values for nodes and pods

I am suddenly noticing Lens is display much larger values for Resource requests and Available values for CPU and Memory. For example, a Node with 4 cores and 14GB RAM is displaying a chart with 46 GB and 12 CPUs. This is for a particular cluster. Another cluster with the same underlying node instances is displaying correctly.

The same is true for Pods, the resource requests are showing much higher values than what is actually requested. I can confirm that kubectl describe for the nodes and pods shows the correct values, much lower than what I see in Lens.

I am using the built-in Lens-Metrics prometheus stack. I’m using Lens version 2023.3.171731-latest

What can be causing this, how can I diagnose and/or fix this?

Sounds like you are experiencing Lens Metrics get wrong values of CPU, RAM · Issue #7299 · lensapp/lens · GitHub. We are looking into it.

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