Metrics still broken for pods with multiple containers

See Issue #7854 is still broken · Issue #7962 · lensapp/lens · GitHub

Using out of the box lens-metrics installation. Any pod with multiple containers fails to display container level metrics in the pod dialog. Pod level metrics are displayed. Container level metrics are displayed for pods with only one container, but for any pod with more than 1 they are not. Most of our pods have a running sidecar for displaying extra logs.

This was originally reported in issue #7854 - but this closed and the issue remains broken, so I opened a new bug.

Diagnosing container level resource requests vs limits vs available resources is a critical functionality, and as a paying customer I hope this issue get’s attention soon.

@jseletz The bugfix for this issue will be included in the upcoming Lens release. Thank You for patience.


@gkoleva - I just updated and do not see this fixed, it wasn’t listed in the release notes, and the GitHub issue is still open and unassigned.

Hi @jseletz !
Thanks for your message. :slight_smile:

The dev team is currently working on a patch release that will solve this issue.

I’m sorry for the delay to get this issue fixed, we’re working on it!

@gkoleva I see this is still not fixed in the latest patch release. Also this ticket is open but unassigned? Issue #7854 is still broken · Issue #7962 · lensapp/lens · GitHub

Hi! @jseletz

Thanks for your message, I brought it up to the dev team, as well as the Github link. :slight_smile:
As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know!

@jseletz could you try the alpha version by selecting alpha update channel in Preferences → App and see if that solves the issue?

This is finally fixed in the latest release!