New Search Bar

Why is the search bar a button now, that opens the search field at the BOTTOM of the screen instead of where I clicked? Terrible design.


Hi @lockomoto

Thanks for your feedback, I forwarded it to the team!

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Hello lockomoto,

Thank you for reaching out!
We have taken notice of the issue and i will report it our development team.

Hi All,
the function is Awesome :slight_smile: perheps it’s good make two modify:

  1. Use the old search area (high right corner) with a new simple checkbox for memorize the filter when navigate in different area. For not loose the new interface is also possibile create a confifuration for select the preferred layout.
  2. Start the search only after press the return button. The new filter area is slow respect the old!!


The new search field is terrible; it requires an extra click, and additionally, the mouse has to travel across the entire screen to enter something.

I beg you to revert to the old search field.

I would also like to make a suggestion: the search field should remember the search terms in a way that is unique to each screen, as it is clear that the names of namespaces are different from the names of pods, for example.

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Note that the search bar still has autofocus when it’s opened so no extra click is needed.

The search bar bugs and disappears when clicked beside it, while the icon at the top right remains checked.

Even though it has auto-focus, I find it very impractical from a UX design perspective because we often alternate between selecting the Namespace and entering a filter.

I still say it’s a bad choice :sweat_smile:
Put the search bar back next to the Namespace dropdown menu please. :pray:

Each screen should independently retain the input in the search/filter bar.

Because we never search for the same thing between the pods screen and the nodes screen, for example, which forces us to constantly rewriting filters when switching between screens.

Please add an option to restore the old search bar. This was one of the most useful features in Lens Desktop, and now it takes a lot of clicks to start searching.

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