One or more port-forwards could not be started - option to suppress this message or make port-forward sessions ephemeral

Lens maintains the local state for the port forwards that have been created through it, but these port forwards are to ephemeral containers. On startup Lens will warn me that the port forwards could not be started, which is not something I desire.

My preference is to have port-forwards be ephemeral and not be present when I restart Lens, or to have it automatically remove the port-forwards that could not be started. Others likely have a different use case, so having this as an option would be best.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve added an issue to our backlog for this. Do your port-forwards typically point to pods with random names that would not be seen again, or fixed names, that might return (and thus the port-forward might still be useful to keep around)?

We generally use Deployments instead of StatefulSets, so the naming is random. I personally never use a port forward that was initiated in a previous Lens session.