Possible to disable auto discovery?

Hi there.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to disable the EKS autodiscovery part of the new lens beta?

For a large org like ours where we have hundreds of AWS profiles setup with many different roles for each account it’s leading to the discovery of thousands of clusters and causing the entire lens UX to grind to a halt as it goes through its discovery process.

The rest of the UI changes look great, but the ability to disable auto discovery I think is a must for anyone with more than a handful of AWS profiles/accounts and I couldn’t see a way to do this in the settings bar.

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Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely consider adding an option to disable this functionality.

That said I’m curious to hear does it cause problems if “AWS EKS” node is not expanded in the new Navigator UI? Or only after a user starts to investigate what is inside?

Thanks :slight_smile: - getting ahead of this to avoid the eventual support case influx is likely wise!

For our users it seems to happen even without opening the EKS drawer. Within a few seconds the whole UI freezes up and we struggle to open even the local kubeconfig autodetected section and despite never touching the EKS discovery tab the entire UI crawls to a halt, memory usage starts increasing and we can see what looks like network attempts to identify the clusters in the background without activating the EKS section.

Ok, that sounds like a bug. The discovery should happen only “on-demand” (meaning when user starts to explore “AWS EKS” section).

Next Early Access (beta) update will have few bug fixes related to AWS EKS integration.

An update that has AWS EKS fixes is now available. Would be nice if you could give it a run :slightly_smiling_face: