Rest API for creating spaces / catalogs

Looking for a method to dynamically build spaces and catalogs using lifecycle hooks in helm charts. The goal is to add links to admin/docs for provisioned resources.

Hi. Yes there is Rest API for Spaces and we have also SDK for typescript/nodejs. Rest API requires user access token and the validity is quite short so not sure if that would cause any issues for this particular use case. For Lens extensions there are helper methods to get current access token, but outside of Lens context it might be a bit problematic. Currently we don’t have support for personal or robot tokens.

Please could you elaborate your use case more, what programming language would you use, how the authentication could work etc. probably I could give more exact answer and tips.

So I have a complex helm chart that spins up many services like identity, repos, databases, messaging, and applications and I want the ability to expose those services to a team, aka space, via a set of web links.

Effectively, creating a Kubernetes version of cpanel,, for the provisioned services.

Helm has post processing hooks that can be invoked to create the necessary links assuming there are APIs. So the spaces API helps but I also want a way to associate web links with a space so only authorized users can see them. Is there a way to associated other resources with a space? Also, is there a web links API?

I think, based on what I’ve seen so far, that a custom extension embedded into lens doesn’t provide that kind of programmatic API.

So for this use case a short lived token is a bit of a problem.

Thanks for the quick reply

BTW, the helm hooks are language agnostic.