Specified limits

Hello everyone, how can I resolve the message “Specified limits are higher than node capacity”?

I’m using AKS and I have 12GB of memory but it is limited to “Allocatable Capacity: 4.2GiB”

How can I change usage limits?

Where are you seeing this message, if it’s on pod info, and it stays in “pending” state, maybe that means you set a memory/cpu limit that is higher then the node can take.

I’m seeing it in the lens home panel !!

Hi, this warning means that in cluster there are configured limits for the pods and sum of all limits are higher than you cluster has capacity, in other words your cluster is overcommited. So if all those limits are met, your cluster is running out of capacity. It’s up to you is this okay and how likely it will be that all pods are reaching the limit at the same time.

Why allocatable cpu/memory is less than total memory on AKS you can read more for example here: kubernetes - Why AKS nodes shows less amount of memory as allocatable where its actual memory is still available - Stack Overflow