Tables with resizable columns causing unreadble texts

Lens 2023.8.31525-latest introduced “Tables with resizable columns” since this update the UI looks very odd and spacing in columns is ridiculously huge resulting in table not fitting on screen (1920x) and texts inside not visible. Older versions had texts left aligned with column name and now there is like 1 finger space both left and right.

Could you please provide a screenshot of the problem? This would help us to solve issue quickly.

Sure, you can see how “zoomed” the new version looks the problem with spacing.

Btw as part of this thread, I would like to point out it’s very hard to read the pog log output/console (small pixelized font) and there is no way to customize this (:blush:

Doing a second reply due to “new members are only allowed to have one embedded media”…

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Thanks for quick response! We’re fixing the problem.

Also, to save up some space you can hide columns which not so important for your current view by using three-dots menu on the right.

Thanks, Aleks! Here is another one

Yes, those paddings to the left of column names will be reduced.

Yup, it was just fine before that and also the fonts looks different somehow

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Hi @aleksfront how is this going? (:blush:

Hi! Your issue is fixed and will be included in the next release.

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Great @aleksfront ! Is there any planned date for this release? (:

Hi @decrofn !
We’re currently working on it, it’ll be announced here once it’s released! :grinning:

Hello @emeste I saw you did a patch release and tried to update but it seems this is not availabe on the Debian repo :smiley_cat: stable InRelease stable main

Can you please check this out


Let me check it out with the dev team! :slight_smile:

Morning @emeste, any update on this :slight_smile:

We see the problem, working on a solution. The AppImage download should be current, if you want to check the tables fixes right away.

Update should be working now on the Debian repo

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