Text-based backup of k0s controller for version control


We currently have a k0s controller and multiple workers running. We are able to backup the controller using the k0s backup/restore functionality.

But we would like to have the ability of version control. So we are looking for a text based backup solution. Is there a way to backup specific files (not binaries) which would enable us to do a complete restore of the controller?

Thanks in advance,
Rashid Tajdeen

Hello @rashid.tajdeen , thank you for reaching out to lens forums !

@rashid.tajdeen What do you mean by text files exactly?

Currently the backup consists of many files, hence we create an archive for that. One of the the files in the archive is a backup of the etcd DB which if course is not really text.

Thank you for your reply, it helped us to make a decision and stick with the zip type backup