Troubleshooting extension install methods -- openlens-node-pod-menu

I have been experimenting with extension install methods, and I am finding that the only one option is working. I’m not sure how to describe this, so I will just give details.

First, my test case is OpenLens 6.4.15.
The extension I am using is @alebcay/openlens-node-pod-menu

Here is what I am finding:

  • Option 1. Use UI, past “@alebcay/openlens-node-pod-menu” into URL/path dialog. This works reliably.
  • Option 2. Build tgz archive and use UI to navigate to that file. This is failing; it appears to succeed, but the pod menu extensions do not show up, even after quitting and restarting OpenLens.
  • Option 3. Copy the package (alebcay–openlens-node-pod-menu) to the .k8slens/extensions folder.

I tested Option 2 and 3 earlier this year, and they both worked. Now, option 1 is the only one that works. I really need to get option 3 working (Mac OS and Windows) so I can build an automated install package.

Has something changed in OpenLens? Are there any ways I can dig into what is going wrong? Thanks.

Thanks for your message, this is already being investigated! :slightly_smiling_face:

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