Unable to connect to server behind socks proxy (only OpenLens)


using SSH I are creating a SOCKS5 proxy to a jump host that can reach a private AKS cluster.

kubectl and k9s work fine, as long as I set the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable to “socks5://localhost:1234” (the socks port), or if I edit my kubeconfig and add the “proxy-url” setting as explained here: Use a SOCKS5 Proxy to Access the Kubernetes API | Kubernetes

With Lens Desktop connecting to the AKS cluster also works.

However, with OpenLens, it does not work. I get the following error:

E0711 13:45:44.124183 34466 proxy_server.go:147] Error while proxying request: dial tcp: lookup ourhost.privatelink.westeurope.azmk8s.io on 10.xxx.xxx.xxx: no such host

Failed to get /version for clusterId=<some-id>: Internal Server Error

Any ideas?