Unable to install lens with latest update

I updated to latest lens few hours ago. For some reason, I am unable to access lens any more. It says loading…
I am using amazon windows workspace.


The same problem here . MacOS Silicon

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Me too Lens never launch in mt Mac OS Ventura, I’m waiting to start, where can download the previous version please?

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Ditto - on a M1 Mac Pro Max with both Apple Silicon and Intel versions. Frozen on the Loading… banner

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Same here upgraded to the latest version just now, loading forever. reinstall doesn’t help. How did this pass QA

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Facing the same issue on M2 chip (Ventura), after updating Len it keeps loading.

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Same issue! MacOs (Intel, Ventura) :roll_eyes:

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For those who really need a working Lens of one of the previous versions, until the new one is fixed:


Sorry for the circumstances, Team Lens is looking into this with highest priority! Will keep you all posted here!

Mac OS: https://api.k8slens.dev/binaries/Lens-2023.4.141316-latest.dmg
Mac OS Silicon / M1: https://api.k8slens.dev/binaries/Lens-2023.4.141316-latest-arm64.dmg
Windows: https://api.k8slens.dev/binaries/Lens%20Setup%202023.4.141316-latest.exe
Linux: https://api.k8slens.dev/binaries/Lens-2023.5.100746-latest.x86_64.AppImage


I’m also facing the same problem, even if I try to install again the version 2023.4.141316-latest (I think it tries to auto-update to version 2023.5.100746-latest) still can’t get into the UI, it gets stuck in the loading screen. Yesterday it was working perfectly.

My windows encountered the same problem, after updating to v2023.5.100746, only the loading status

Can you try again, the autoupdate shouldn’t update to it anymore.