We need YOU! k0s as a CNCF Sandbox project


The team k0s is thinking of submitting k0s as a CNCF Sandbox project. We’ve not yet made the final go/no-go decision, and in order to gather more “evidence” and prep for the potential application, we’re listing users and adopters who could act as “supporters” for the submission.

If you’re a k0s user, which you probably are if you’re reading this issue :smile: , it would be awesome if you could tell us how you use k0s and give us use cases examples. You can also send me a DM or send an email to jnummelin [at] mirantis.com.
You can also show your support by liking or sharing this post. :smile:

What would it mean to have k0s as a CNCF project? (i.e. what’s in it for you)

IF k0s is accepted as a CNCF project, we’ll be able to create an even stronger foundation for the project, and bolster both the adoption and community involvement. In the end, it would mean a better foundation for YOU to build upon.